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Any channel
Hakuna has solutions for:
Third-party retail
Any stage of the user journey
Customers can purchase product protection at the same time as the protectable product, or up to two years post-purchase.

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Hakuna Assist
This web-based tool unlocks cross-selling opportunities, enabling you to sell product protection to your customers during your interactions with them. It's perfect for physical retail, telesales, direct sales, and any other channels where you have direct contact with your customers.
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Hakuna Redirect
This low-code integration solution enables you to redirect your existing customers to individual Hakuna-hosted checkout sessions where they can buy the perfect product protection plan for products they’ve already purchased. It’s ideal for any post-purchase touchpoint, including email, customer accounts, and apps.
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Hakuna API Integration
Use our APIs to flexibly embed product protection offers into your transactions and post-purchase touchpoints, creating customized, fully integrated customer journeys in any of your channels.
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