Manage sold protection
The Hakuna platform helps you help your customers, taking care of everything that happens after a protection plan is sold.
Built-in regulatory compliance
The Hakuna platform is fully compliant by design, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of insurance regulations and laws. We generate reports on successfully issued insurance policies for you and our risk carriers, collect the gross premiums, and pay out commissions and the required Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).


Streamlined policy management

Use our platform to automatically notify Hakuna of order placement and status changes like fulfilments, cancellations, or refunds, and we’ll trigger the creation or update of the associated insurance policies. Hakuna also directly manages the rest of the policy lifecycle, taking care of updates to customer data and the terms and conditions, transfers of ownership, and policy renewals for you.

Best-in-class support
Hakuna will engage with customers at certain stages of the customer journey to keep them updated on their coverage status. If a customer does have an issue, we’ll act immediately to resolve it quickly and effectively.


Positive claims experiences

Hakuna makes it easy to create a claims process that appeals to your customers and plays to your company’s strengths.

Filing a claim
Choose which channels your customers can use to file a claim. Hakuna will take care of fraud detection and management as well as claims verification throughout.
Hakuna claims service: Have Hakuna handle general customer enquiries and claims via email, phone and online chat, so you can keep focus on your core business.
Embedded claims service: Embed our online claims chat in your website to keep customers in your world.
Your support channels: Build even stronger relationships with your customers as their main point of contact throughout the claims process.
Resolving claims
Together we’ll design a claims resolution process that makes sense for you and your customers.

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