Nurture existing customer relationships
Hakuna Redirect enables you to offer product protection to your existing customers in any of your post-purchase touchpoints.
Deliver added value post-purchase
Use Hakuna Redirect to route your customers to personalized checkout pages where they can get the best product protection for products they’ve already purchased. You can add the links to any of your post-purchase touchpoints, including emails, apps, customer accounts, and more.
Tailored product protection recommendations
Available at all relevant touchpoints
Simple checkout process


Leverage your transaction data

Just use your transaction data to generate unique Redirect links for your customers on a per-item basis. When a customer clicks on one, they’ll be redirected to an automatically generated, personalized Hakuna-hosted checkout page where they can complete the transaction.

Low-code integration
Checkouts generated by Hakuna
Transactions handled by Hakuna


You likely already have everything you need

As long as you can meet the two requirements below, you’re good to go. Your Hakuna account manager will work with you to ensure that you get the most out of your post-purchase program with Hakuna Redirect.
Post-purchase touchpoints
You need to have contact with your existing customers within the applicable availability period, i.e., the period of time after the purchase of a product that a customer can still add protection to it.
Transaction data at the point of integration
You need to know what and when the customer bought something from you so our platform can put together the perfect protection plan(s) offers for them.

Here’s how it works

Set up your protection program
Your account manager will help you choose which products to offer protection for, what type(s) of protection to offer, what term lengths and payment cycles to provide, and how much commission to charge.
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Prepare your post-purchase initiatives
You can add post-purchase product protection offers to targeted email campaigns, your existing post-purchase transactional emails, loyalty programs, customer account interfaces, apps and more. The possibilities are endless!
Prepare the Redirect links using the transaction data wherever you plan to offer product protection.
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Start selling post-purchase
To purchase the appropriate protection plan, all customers need to do is click the Redirect link and enter their payment information on the automatically generated custom checkout page. From there, we'll transfer you your commission and email customers everything they need.

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