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It's good for your business, and good for your customers

Increase sales

Product protection is a trust signal that gives customers confidence in you and your products.

Generate new revenue

Every time you sell a protection plan, you earn a commission that feeds right into your profits.

Make your customers happy

Positive experiences strengthen your relationships with customers and keep them coming back to you.

Our partners are seeing results

Product protection opens up cross-selling opportunities for merchants of all sizes and industries.

and many more

We spent a long time looking for an insurance solution that was easy to integrate as well as fair and transparent for the customer — with Hakuna, we found it.

Tim-Hendrik Meyer | CEO

Hakuna is the easiest way to sell product protection

Fast Integration

Go live in days with minimal development effort, regardless of your e-commerce stack.

Effortless Operation

We'll create a set-up that your customers will respond to, so you can start selling right away. You won't have any ongoing operational effort.
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Hakuna is available everywhere, for everything


In-store? At checkout? Post-purchase? It doesn’t matter! You can sell Hakuna product protection online and offline, at any stage of the customer journey for a consistent omnichannel experience.

Online checkout
Offline POS
Telesales & email via customer support
Post-purchase campaigns


The European market is complex. With Hakuna, you can sell product protection all over Europe without worrying about different languages, regulations, or consumer preferences. We take care of all of that for you.

Network of European insurance providers
Localized protection products
Available in multiple languages

For any retail business

We've got you covered. No matter what products you sell, or who you’re selling them to.

All verticals & categories
New & refurbished products
B2B & B2C

Your customers will love Hakuna

We have the right protection for each of your products

Theft & Robbery
Technical defects
Theft & Robbery

Each plan comes with customer-friendly conditions and best-in-class service

Simple terms
Worldwide coverage
Digital claims handling
Repair-first approach

Frequently asked questions

How much does Hakuna cost?

Hakuna is 100% free of charge for merchants. There are no additional costs.

How do I make money as a merchant?

As our partner, you receive a commission on every protection plan you sell.

How does Hakuna make money?

We collect a small service fee on every protection plan sold.

Can I add Hakuna to my existing shop system?

Yes, you can. Use our Frontend SDK or Shopify App, or develop your own integration with our modern REST API.

How long does the technical integration take?

Integration usually takes a couple of days. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with us.

Are my products eligible?

Most likely, yes. We can cover just about anything non-consumable. Arrange a demo with one of our experts to find out more.

What types of protection are available?

We offer extended warranties and accidental damage protection as well as a combination of both. We have the right protection for all of your product categories.

Who handles the claims?

We take care of the entire claims management process, ensuring that your customers have an exceptional claims experience every time.

How are claims handled?

Whenever a customer has an issue with their product, they can file a claim with us using our claims bot, Paul. The process is fast and easy, and there’s no paperwork or red tape involved.

From there, we’ll get your customers’ claims resolved quickly so they can get right back to enjoying their products. And since sustainability is important to us, we repair first whenever possible. If repair isn’t an option, we’ll replace or refund the product.

Who is the risk carrier?

We work with a network of first-class insurance companies that act as risk carriers for our protection plans. That way, we can develop optimized protection plans for all of the products that you sell.

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