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Hakuna's powerful product protection platform has everything you need to boost revenue and customer satisfaction.
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Earn recurring commission
Get paid a margin every time one of your customers purchases or renews a product protection plan, and collect any claims payouts.
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Bring added value to the buying experience

Give your customers peace of mind that future product issues will be resolved positively.

Customer experience

Instant piece of mind

Hakuna makes sure your customers have easy access to the support they need when the unexpected happens.
Step 1
Add product protection
Customers can add product protection to products they’re purchasing or have already purchased wherever they interact with your retail business.
Step 2
Get product issues resolved
Whenever they have an problem with their protected product, customers can file a claim with Hakuna in a few simple steps. We’ll ensure that their product gets repaired or replaced within days.

You can do it all with Hakuna

Create customized protection
Choose the terms, pricing, branding and design of your program, so that it’s completely optimized for your business.
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Sell protection anywhere
Make product protection available for all of your products wherever you sell them. Online or offline, at any stage of the customer journey, Europe-wide.
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Manage sold protection
Keep your customers happy with best-in-class support and positive claims experiences powered by Hakuna.
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FULL flexibility

Create customized protection

Configurable protection
Select the type(s) of protection, term length(s) and payment cycle(s) you want to offer. Hakuna will take care of regulatory approval, contract management, and policy creation and documentation for you.
Adjustable pricing
Choose your margin and fine-tune the final selling prices of your protection plans.
Flexible branding and design
Decide what you want to call your protection program, craft your own messaging, and apply your brand colours and design elements.
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Sell protection anywhere

Multiple integration options
Use our modern Protection API, shop system plug-ins, web-based tools, and/or hosted checkout to integrate fast, regardless of your tech stack.
Multi-channel support
Sell tailored, channel-specific product protection at your physical retail locations, in your online stores, and through telesales, apps, and email.
Europe-wide localization
Serve any European market with localized product protection for 30+ countries and multi-country, multi-language and multi-currency support.
Training for sales & customer support teams
Set your teams up for success with our dedicated training materials and sessions.
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Manage sold protection

Insurance administration
Leave reporting, accounting, and insurance tax settlement to Hakuna.
Policy management
Hakuna will manage insurance policies for customers, effectively handling any updates, cancellations or renewals.
Claims management
Hakuna has processes, systems and programs in place to help you handle claims, no matter how involved you want to be.
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Calculate your additional revenue with Hakuna

Adjust the inputs to find out how much extra commission revenue you can expect to earn with your Hakuna-powered product protection program.
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Here's what our partners have to say

“With Hakuna's platform, we can offer high-quality product protection to our customers throughout the customer journey — at any stage and on any channel. It's convenient for us and our customers.”
Lukas Zyla
“Hakuna's flexible platform and proactive support made them the perfect partner for Peloton in Europe. Together, we have created a product protection program that can truly go the distance.”
Charlie Gilmore
Senior Manager
“Thanks to Hakuna, we were able to establish a product protection program for our online store that can be scaled to other channels, like post-purchase email campaigns, whenever we’re ready.”
Andreas Kolb
Senior E-Com Manager

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