Build your own product protection program
Take control of your set-up to create a product protection program that your customers will respond to.
Coverage on your terms
Put together the perfect protection plans for your products, by choosing from the following options.
Protection type
Extended warranty protection, accidental damage protection, theft and robbery protection, or all of the above? Choose which coverage you want to offer for each of your products.
Offer protection for a fixed term of up to three years for a one-time payment, or as an annual subscription.
Other terms
Adjust the overall protection plan by making changes to additional terms, like the deductible or the coverage area.


Pricing that suits your business

Choose your preferred pricing model and commission rate. We'll help you find the right level of detail for your inventory and automatically adjust the final values to match your other pricing.

Individual pricing
Sell individual protection plans for each of your products with prices based on the price of the protectable product.
Collection pricing
Sell a single protection plan for all protectable products within a certain price range and category, which is what we call a collection.
Protection as a part of your brand
Make sure that your product protection program supports your overall brand strategy. You can choose the name(s) and logo(s) of your protection plan(s), define your colour scheme, customize the messaging and UI, and select the domain for any emails or claims. We’ll keep things consistent for your customers by applying your chosen branding to all relevant assets and customer touchpoints, including emails and insurance documents.
Assets in your colour scheme and fonts
Messaging in your brand voice
Emails and claims in your domain

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