Offer product protection post-purchase

Link to our customized checkouts from your customer portal, app, or email campaign. It’s the best way to nurture customer relationships and earn additional revenue post-purchase.
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Connect with your customers

Give your customers the opportunity to add the perfect protection plan to products they've already purchased, and deliver instant added value that strengthens your relationship.
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Keep them coming back

Stay top of mind up to 2 years post-purchase. Revive your customer relationships and bring customers back into the purchase cycle with relevant product protection recommendations.
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Unlock an additional revenue stream

We’ll pay you an attractive commission on every protection plan you sell. And with no integration or service fees for using Hakuna, that additional revenue will feed right into your profits.
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Here’s how it works


Define your strategy

Tell us what products you want to protect, what type(s) of protection you want to offer and how much commission you want to charge. We'll provide you with the right Offers.

Get set up

You can choose where you want to offer product protection to your existing customers — whether it be in your customer portal, an app, an email campaign or somewhere else. You'll just need to match the Offers to protectable products in your system and then prepare your frontend.

Get links to individual post-purchase checkouts

From your frontend, pass us some information about a transaction to redirect your customer to a unique, Hakuna-hosted checkout where they'll be able to purchase the perfect protection plan for their pre-purchased product with just a few clicks.

Earn additional revenue

To wrap up, we’ll email customers their insurance documents and transfer you a commission for every plan sold.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Order feed?

The Hakuna Order feed is the easiest way for you to create and manage Orders (and the protection products within them) on our platform. The only thing you'll need to do is share your Order data with us whenever an Order is created or updated. From there, we'll manage the Orders and connected protection plans for you.

Read more about the Order feed here.

When are the campaign emails sent out?

That depends on your campaign strategy, but we can send out a tailored product protection offer to your customers up to 2 years after they made their purchase.

Who sends the emails?

We’ll send out the emails, but if you want, we can send them from one of your domains.