Offer product protection in store

Enable your customers to get the best protection for the products they’re buying in store, right at the point of sale. They’ll walk out the door with full peace of mind, and you’ll earn additional revenue.
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Enhance the sales pitch

Giving your customers the option to add product protection to their purchases reduces their perceived risk so they’ll feel more confident in buying something from you. Even if they don’t end up purchasing the protection.

Generate more revenue

Every time you sell product protection, we’ll pay you an attractive commission. And with no integration or service fees for using Hakuna, that additional revenue will feed right into your profits.

Strengthen customer relationships

Turn bad experiences into opportunities. With immediate online support and fast claims resolution, we’ll keep otherwise dissatisfied customers happy and loyal even when things go wrong.

Here’s how it works


Define your strategy

Tell us what products you want to protect, what type(s) of protection you want to offer and how much commission you want to charge. We'll provide you with the right Offers.

Get set up

Just add the protection plans to your ERP system to make product protection available at your point of sale. We'll set you up so that customers can pay for product protection in the same transaction as your other products, and provide you with training materials for your staff.

Sell product protection alongside your products

Start promoting and selling product protection in store. It's up to you to decide how you want to do it!

Earn additional revenue

We'll transfer you your commission and use the customer data you collected at checkout to finalize the insurance documents and then email customers everything they need.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an Offer?

An Offer is a set of Hakuna product protection plans created for a specific product or product collection in your inventory, which you can offer to your customers as options.
Offers contain information about the Offer (i.e., when it was created, which product(s) it was created for), 1-3 protection plan options, optional marketing content, and links to the insurance documents.

How do I add protection products to my ERP system?

You can use the protection plan options within an Offer to construct protection products and add them to your ERP system. Check out our docs for more information on how to do it.

How should I sell product protection in my store(s)?

It’s up to you! You can add information about product protection to store shelves or product packaging, advertise it at the service desk and/or info points, or have your sales team promote it during consultations and checkout. Just make sure that customers are able to buy it and pay for it in the same transaction as your other products.

Can I sell Hakuna product protection both offline and online?

Yes, you can. Hakuna enables consistent omnichannel customer journeys. Get in touch with us to learn more.