Offer product protection via customer support

Make it easy for your customers to get the product protection they need right from your customer support team. They’ll get instant peace of mind, and you’ll earn additional revenue.
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Give customers what they want

Accidental damage protection or just an extended warranty? Connect with your customers during support calls to find out what they really need out of their protection plan, and then we'll make it happen.
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Generate more revenue

We’ll pay you an attractive commission on every protection plan we sell. And with no integration or service fees for using Hakuna, that additional revenue will feed right into your profits.
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Here’s how it works


Define your strategy

Tell us what products you want to protect, what type(s) of protection you want for them and how much commission you want to charge. We'll prepare the protection plans and tell you everything you need to know.

Offer product protection to your customers

Make relevant product protection recommendations during support calls to provide added value to your customers.

Help us help them

Just give us your customer's contact information and let us know what product they have and how they want to protect it. We’ll email them a link to a custom landing page where they can buy their ideal product protection plan in just a few clicks.

Earn additional revenue

To wrap up, we’ll email the customer their insurance documents and transfer you your commission.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for customers to get the link to the landing page?

The whole process is automatic so they’ll get the link to the landing page in a matter of minutes and be able to purchase product protection right away.

Can I guide the customer through the payment process too?

Once we share the link to the landing page with you, it’s up to you exactly how you want to proceed. You can walk your customer through the payment process step-by-step or just send them the link.