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Make it even easier for your customers to submit claims by embedding our claims service right into your website.
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Fully embedded claims service

Your customers will be able to file claims with us without having to navigate away from you.

Convenient access
Instant support
Fast resolution

Here’s how it works


Add our claims service to your website

We’ll provide you with everything you need to get set up!

We'll support customers with their claims

Any time a customer has an issue with their product, they can easily file a claim directly from your website. The best part? You won't have to do anything! We'll take them through the entire claims process right there on your site, and they'll get the exact same service they would on ours.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens if a customer uses the claims service on the Hakuna website?

We'll help them! Embedding our claims service on your website makes it easier for customers to access the support they need on a website they're already familiar with, but they'll still be able to use the claims service on our website too.

Can we adjust the branding of the embedded claims service?

Yes, we can customize the claims service so that it matches your brand and website. Read more about our co-branding options here.